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Luwi Must See This: Sofia Most Attractive Photos

Job Maangi



Sophia is arguably the most beautiful actress in the Maria Television program which is normally aired on Citizen Television every Week day from 7:30 to 8:00pm. Sophia’s real name is Bridget Shighadi and she is of India Origin.

She acts as lover to Luwi Hausa (William’s Son). She finds herself in a war with Maria for love. Luwi’s father sir William wants her to be married to his son. However, Luwi loves Maria more than Sophia. In the last episode Luwi told off his father that he won’t marry Sophia because he loves Maria.

Sophia’s beauty has won her fame in the eyes of very many men. Some people were making fun with Luwi that he should hand them Sophia. Many people have raised questions on why Luwi loves Maria (a street child) instead of the beautiful Sophia (Indian beauty Queen). In the drama series her mother is Kanini.

The Indian beauty has caught many people’s attention for her cartoon like character and brilliance in Maria episodes.

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