Lulu Hassan Breaks Silence On The End Of Maria At Citizen TV


Maria Swahili telenovela which is aired on Citizen TV every weekday from Monday to Friday has continued to attract many followers because of the creativity of the crew and the conflicts involved in the program.

The sudden turn of events on the program has left the audience anxious to know what shall happen next in the program.

In the last episode the Daniel’s family was still coming to terms with the death of their father, Silas inherited the wealth and was encouraged by Daniel’s caretaker to protect his wealth.

Meja and Boss William made a decision to release Maggie after kidnapping her, she was given an assignment of poisoning Maria and Pups but she failed terribly.

After her mission failed she was compelled to return back to where she had been held hostage by the Boss William.

The two most wanted suspects were forced to run away way after the police made a frantic search.

Citizen TV award winning Journalist Lulu Hassan posted a message on her Instagram page concerning today’s episode.

Lulu said, ” Wadau hii nayo Ni motoo!”
A Kenyan told Lulu Hassan, ” When is this Kipindi ending coz the more it takes it will be boring,”
She replied not anytime soon. This means that Maria will continue longer than expected.

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