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Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla’s Most Romantic Moments

Job Maangi



Photo: Lulu Hassan with Rashid Abdalla

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla’s marriage came to the limelight when two journalists started presenting news together at the leading Citizen television station. The couple captures the ears of many listeners due to their eloquence in Kiswahili and talent in the presentation of News.

The two love mates encountered with each other while they were presenting news at a coastal Radio Salaam. However, Rashid Abdalla fell in love with Lulu Hassan while he was listening to her presenting on Radio.

When he heard that the presenters mum had passed on , he stood with Lulu Hassan throughout that period which enabled him to win the heart of the beautiful African Queen.

The couple normally have a program every Saturday after the 7.00pm news where they handle marital matters and provide solutions to the struggling marriages and relationships in the country. The couple recently handled a topic on whether or not Kenyan Men are the leading in faithfulness in Africa.

Rashid Abdall grew to fame while he was presenter at Qfm Radio station. He later moved to Ntv as a news presenter before he joined his wife at Citizen. When Kanze Dena was newly appointed to a state house people were wondering who could be Lulu’s new companion.

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Lulu Hassan for the first time found herself behind the TV cameras at KTN TV after she seized an opportunity that had been left by anchor who had gone for a maternity leave. After she proved herself competent she got a lucrative job at Citizen TV.

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