Leaked Details On Uhuru,Raila Plan of Selecting New BBI Trusted Team


Details has emerged on President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga’s plan of selecting the trusted allies to boost Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Move as the referendum kicked off to initiate major constitutional amendment. This comes after the recent launch of BBI report at Bomas of Kenya spearhead by President Uhuru and ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga.


However, the leaked details has come out Affirming the major plan of Uhuru and Raila to boost the BBI move for major campaign. According to the reports by local newspaper, Daily Nation dated 1st November 2020, President Uhuru and ODM Leader Raila are expected to make a decisive step to boost BBI.

Photo: DP Ruto (left), President Uhuru (center) and ODM leader Raila (right) during the BBI report launch at Bomas of Kenya


According to the reports, the BBI push will be achieved through naming of trusted allies who will co-chair Secretariat that will be the hub campaign and the major plans to form the regional team that has taken a bold shape.


The campaign will major on the referendum of the report that will ultimately led to major Constitution amendment as per the proposal of the report. The report proposal aimed to collect views from Kenyan citizens on the proposal made before the the amend of the Constitution.

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During the report launch at Bomas of Kenya, president Uhuru asked each and every citizen to take time and read the report as it majors on inclusivity. Some political leaders opposing the report were warned not to influence citizens against the reports but to give them humble time to go through it.


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