Lady Gaga Offers $500,000 Reward for Her Dogs

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Photo: Lady Gaga. Courtesy of E Entertainment.

American pop star Lady Gaga has offered a handsome reward to anyone who finds her two dogs. According to Sky News, the singer and actress on Thursday February 25 put out a $500k reward to anyone who finds her stolen dogs.

Lady Gaga reported that two of her dogs had been stolen while they were being walked by her friend. Ryan Fischer, a close friend, and dog walker for Lady Gaga was also shot in the process.

The famous dogs Gustavo, Koji and Miss Asia were all being walked by Fischer when the incident occurred. Fischer was shot in the process at the West Hollywood home of the singer.

Gaga, who is currently in Italy shooting the movie Gucci, is reported to have been devastated by the news. She noted that Fischer was a close friend of hers and she was in pain too.

She also revealed that Miss Asia had managed to escape hence only Gustavo and Koji were the only ones missing.

The 34 year old affirmed that whoever would get the dogs back to her would receive a reward of half a million dollars.

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Lady Gaga is famously known for her hit pop songs and is considered one of the greats. She has also had mega movie roles and continues to shine as an actress.

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