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Konde Boy Harmonize Attacks Diamond

Melinda Venessa



Photo: Harmonize with Diamond at a past event

Harmonize is at it again. This time to attack, bash, and throw shade at his former boss Diamond Platnumz. He’s been silent for a while now keeping it cool and low-key in his music career ever since he left Diamond’s Wasafi records to grow and build himself, and his work has been saying it all despite the huge silence since he has been releasing track after track which have all been bangers. So do we say he’s beefing with Diamond or he’s clout chasing just to make headlines, a way of promoting his new track.

Well, people love and enjoy drama and seeing two famous artists beefing up adds more spice and sugar to the tea since everyone’s curious to know what’s really going on between the two and they will all be rushing to goto their social media pages and YouTube channels to listen to their songs to get the message being passed on by the beefing artists. This of course will tripple their numbers in terms of viewership which is a big boost to them.

In his new track dubbed ‘Mshamba’, Harmonize highlights his personal beef with Diamond whereby he goes ahead to diss him for always bragging about every woman he sleeps with. This is so immature and absurd. In one of the lines in his verse, he goes on to say: “likila demu lazma litangaze” Diamond, the Simba himself as he calls himself, has however not yet reacted to this diss. It’s been said that this is not the first time Diamond is using such moves to attack and throw shade at his former boss but they’ve all been backfiring at him since Diamond never reacts or respond to such.

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In my opinion, it is very primitive of men to go around bragging about the women they sleep with. Don’t kiss and tell yoow!

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