Kisumu’s Bans Motorists from its Central Business District

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Kisumu Central Business District.

Kisumu County has banned motorists from using it’s city streets. According to a local news website on Tuesday February 23, the decision comes after a notice was sent out earlier in the year.

Acting city manager Analamba Wang in a notice sent out on Monday February 22 banning Tuk tuk, Bodaboda and other motorists from entering the Central Business District (CBD).

Abala warned that motorists were banned from parking on Oginga Oginga street and we’re directed to use the backstreets.

Motorists were also not allowed to use the non-motorized transport lane. They were given five minutes at most to drop off and pick up passengers.

Those who took more time would face penalties for slowing down the movement of traffic in the city.

Angawa, which is a backstreet in the city, would be opened up for parking so that motorists would have time to conduct their transportation services.

Earlier in January, Governor Anyang Nyong’o banned Public Service Vehicles from entering the CBD. This greatly affected long distance buses who were used to parking in the CBD.

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