Kiss Fm Presenter Jalang’o Warned About Kamene’s Temptations


Celebrity and Comic Radio presenter Jalang’o recent move to Join Kiss Fm has warmed the hearts of most breakfast show fans.

The rib cracking jokes and fun that the Radio presenter makes are enough to make a person who had a bad night smile the whole day.

When Jalang’o teamed up with Kamene Goro at Kiss Fm this made many fans very happy and actually so far have not fallen short of the expectations that people had.

Controversial Comedian yesterday asked God to protect him from the temptations as they posed a photo with Kamene.

After Jalang’o’s dance with Kamene that went Viral stired up mixed reactions as some cautioned Jalang’o to be careful as the temptations are real.

“#KameneAndJalas Be careful @JalangoMwenyewe temptation is real,, na vile nmeona hii video…. Babylon walls will fall,” Dennis Kitoto remarked.

“Now this i the energy we talking abt…. Friday is all abt energy #KameneAndJalas @JalangoMwenyewe @KameneGoro,” Jeff Kido said.

@Kamene Goro

Goooood morning my loves! Feel good Friday!!!!! Ready to start your day and set your mood for the weekend right. Where are you kissing from? #KameneAndJalas @Kiss100kenya @JalangoMwenyewe

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Ati only a BoyChild can understand why Jalango’s hand are always in the pocket every morning.😂😂😂

@Dennis Kitito

Kissing from Homa Bay Asego Kanyada. Jaber Baby @KameneGoro and The Heaviest metal in the industry @JalangoMwenyewe in the building. Tunasonga mbele kama injili


Kissing from kakamega county matete sub-county water supply technical staff tuned ready for work #KameneAndJalas


Then upate grandma ameshona hio toja thinking ulirarua intentionally


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