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Khalwale Urges Uhuru Not To Support The BBI

Lamech Bwabi



The president has been for a long time silent as critics and abuse are directed on his side. His voice has only been heard as he addresses the nation giving direction ahead of the covid 19 pandemic. The political temperatures in the country are rising day by day and even recently caused two people lose their lives as violence was reported in Kenol ahead of the deputies president visit to Muranga.
The president has not once but severally reinstated that he fully supports the building bridges initiative and rubbished allegations that he and former prime minister, Raila Odinga, are using the initiative so as to clinch and remain in power.According to the head of state and Odinga, the initiative aims at uniting the country creating equal Positions for all.
While speaking to K24 on Thursday morning, former Kaka mega senator and aspiring governor Boni Khalwale, said that not unless the president prioritizes Kenyans ahead of the Building Bridges Initiative, then he will not achieve his big four agenda.
“Until President Kenyatta accepts that the priority of Kenyans is not BBI then he will not achieve anything on the big 4 agenda,” said Khalwale
The jubilee government made several promises but soon after resuming office they have only achieved few.The president came up with the big four agenda that he felt are key issues that needs to be addressed for comfort of kenyans.He has been even reshuffling the cabinet and jubilee leaders in parliament in what he claimed to be putting people that will help him accomplish his agendas.
The president fell apart with his deputy after allowing Raila to join hands with the ruling party and came up with the BBI. Most of the dp’s confidants have been greatly opposed to the initiative alleging that it was Uhuru’s and Raila’s plan to remain in power. He has been accused of not achieving his agendas and that he focusing on the BBI was nothing more than desire for power.
It is soon that the BBI report will be released and Khalwale feels that it is not of priority. Baba hinted that the initiative will create an equal representation which is of importance for the nation has for years been split due to representation in top leadership positions.

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