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Khaligraph Jones’ Prophecy Comes Back To Haunt Teen Socialite Shakilla Two Years Later

Melinda Venessa



It is so disturbing and hurting and scaring that OG Khaligraph Jones’ foretold prophecy has actually come to pass 2 years down the line and is haunting internet sensation and teen socialite Shakilla in the most unexpected ways. This is something that most people did not see coming and were not so keen about but it is right here today in the social media space at such a time and age where negative news and clout chasing make headlines every single day and actually sell more all in the name of ‘kuomoka’.

In Khaligraph’s piece of art through his music video two years ago, he rapped some words of wisdom about an upcoming socialite. “2 years later ndio munaelewa message?”

Through his message, he talked about an upcoming socialite just 19 years of age who ditched and abandoned school just for fame and Instagram likes, and went on looking for clout just to get caught up in all kinds of drama and controversies and wasting her life compromising her reputation in the name of kuomoka. People have been shocked by this kind of message that has come to pass and is directly speaking to and referring to our own dear Shakilla, and if she’s concerned and careful enough she’ll act on it and change her ways before it’s too late.

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Have a listen;

“Hey yoow shawty trynna be the next Vera, be the next Huddah, and ju ya pressure anajipea kwa mabuda. She wants the fast life and so hapotezi muda, hataki beste zake wamconsider as a loser. Hataki story za chuo hazisaidii life, at 19 ashapoteza ID twice. I tried to talk to her thinking I’d be nice but akanitoka ju singemletea IG likes. Hahaa. Anataka high heels tu ka za Amber Rose, and so anakuja kutafta buda anaeza mmanga doh. But girl you better listen I know what you undergo, and to this niggas you’re nothing but another hoe. They don’t care about the clothes ushawahi purchase, they don’t see the manicures and the eyelashes, all they think about is how they gon’ hijack it, tap it alafu wakutoke ata usiwahi mpata. Instagram isikufanye ujivunje mguu, coz all these people out here meehn, they don’t keep it true. Girl, just listen, all these niggas is lying to you out here. Crazy!”

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