Kenyans to Expect Second Wave of Locust in Next Month As Details Leaks



Kenyans have been warned to prepare themselves for a second wave of locust invention.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has issued a warning of invasion of Desert locust attack in the country by next month.

Addressing the press on Friday, Deputy Country Representative at United Nations Hamisi Williams disclosed that some parts of the country including Samburu and other neighbouring counties may experience serious devastation by the pests.

“Locusts are breeding in Ethiopia, and the winds from the North to the South will blow the locusts to the country around December,” he said.

Reports from experts states that the eggs laid by the locusts in the first wave of attack are now hatching, and swarms have already been spotted in Samburu and Turkana in the past two weeks.

Dr Evelyne Namikoye, an expert from Kenyatta University said the current weather conditions have escalated the return of the locusts in the country.

However, according to the principal secretary of the State Department for Agricultural Research in the Ministry of Agricultu Professor Hamadi Iddi Bogathe, the government has plans in place to control the locusts once the swarms attack the country.

“We are aware of the second attack in mid-December, we have enough pesticides, equipment and personnel to handle the second wave,” Prof. Hamadi said.

Early this year,Kenya recorded the worst desert locust attack in seven years.

This saw many farmers making loses as the pest devasted their crops.


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