Kenyans To Encounter Hard Times Ahead Following The New Changes


The EPRA (Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority) didn’t have mercy even on households relying on Kerosene as a source of power after increasing the price of Kerosene by Sh5.41 per litre.

The motorists in Nairobi will have to pay Ksh 122.81 for Super Petrol, Ksh 107.66 for diesel and Ksh 97.85 for households who fully depend on Kerosene while in another city like Mombasa, the price for petrol diesel and kerosene has been changed to Ksh 120.41, Ksh 105.27 and Ksh 95.46 respectively.
In Kisumu, motorists will have to pay Ksh 123.36, Ksh 108.46 and Ksh 98.68 for the same respectively.

The regulator in a press statement said that the March-April adjustments are as a consequence of the average landed cost of imported Super Petrol which has increased by 14.97 per cent from US dollar 391.24 in January 2021 to US dollar 449.82 per cubic metre in February 2021.

According to EPRA, thehe price of Murban crude oil raised in January was posted at US dollar 61.61 per barrel which is an increase of 11.47 per cent from US dollar 55.27 per barrel in January.

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The regulator’s move to increase the prices came after last month’s similar move which raised criticism with many people saying hiking of fuel prices does not get a long well with an economy where many Kenyans have lost their jobs and can’t even afford a decent meal.

As a result of the measures, the transport costs have already gone up and now increasing the price of fuel again will only make the situation worse.

The cost of fuel currently in the country has gone up to its highest level since the month of July 2019.

COTU has condemned the move, calling it ”insensitive” to a population which suffers because it is leading to an increased cost of consumer products.

The acting Director-General of EPRA Mr Daniel Bargoria explained that the increase was made necessary by the relaxation of the Covid-19 containment measures, as the economies were restarted globally.

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