Kenyans Terribly Reacts To Education CS Prof Magoha’s Directives Ahead Of Schools Re-opening

PHOTO: Education CS Prof Magoha

Kenyans have terribly reacted to Education CS Professor George Magoha’s Directives upon schools reopening. Professor Magoha affirmed that each classroom should have a carrying capacity of 15 to 20 pupils/students in a bid of mantaining measure of social distancing. Professor Magoha also asserted that each pupil/student will be given at least two masks.

However, Kenyans have terribly reacted to Magoha’s Directives claiming that the measures aren’t possible on the basis of the existing situation in schools. They claimed that most of the Kenyan schools doesn’t have enough classrooms to cater for 15 to 20 students due to inadequacy of facilities. Other Kenyans asserted that they thought the education institutions were turned to quarantine centers at this covid-19 period and claimed that they will not release their children to go to covid-19 camps.

Prof Magoha was further accused that he’s suffering from Starehe Boys syndrome where by he’s taking to know everything by himself ignoring others opinions. Professor Magoha was further informed that no any public school that can carry a capacity of 15 to 20 pupils/students due to inadequate facilities.
Here are the reactions to Professor Magoha’s Directives;

“Which classroom is Magoha talking about??, Kwa ground vitu Ni ugly msee. 15- 20 Ni huko runda na Karen,” Maish reacted

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” I thought we converted our schools to Quarantine Centers. Which schools is this bully re-opening? And who will release their children to go to COVID-19 concentration camps? It’s now Confirmed. CS Magoha is Mentally ill,” Kinoti Joseph reacted

” Professor Magoha is suffering from the Starehe Boys syndrome. It’s other name “know it all” and “it’s my way or the highway” and there’s nothing else you can teach or tell me. Now, let him know ; no public primary school can have 15-20 class size and end at 4pm,”Disembe reacted

” Also. the insinuation that government can give two masks, for how long? Two masks per term?Two masks per week? Two masks per day? Re-opening schools will be a Tuskegee Experiment,for which Prof. Magoha will someday answer at the International Criminal Court, for mass murder,” Disembe reacted.

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