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Kenyans Shoot Down Sakaja’s Fate

Job Maangi



The Court fined Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja Sh15,000 or in default serve a three-month jail term after he pleaded guilty of flouting Covid-19 curfew rule.
The Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja was released after spending the night in police custody on Saturday, police revealed he was among those found drinking at a popular bar in Kilimani, Nairobi.

When Sakaja was arrested he declined to leave the police cell but threatened, despite of being given a free bond to transfer all policemen within 24 hours for ashaming him during his arrest.
Sakaja was caught alongside other friends drunk at Dennis Pritt Road Club at around 1:00pm and he was accused for trying to resist arrest by the cops.
“And tested Covid-19 negative. Just let me leave. You can’t keep them that long in the cold,” Fred Oyoo

Nairobi Senator intimidated the police men who tried to arrest as he warned them that he will take action against them for going against his drinking hobby.

The Senate asserted that he had lost his phone as policemen locked him in the police cell at Kilimani for breaking the curfew rules.

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“You know me, I have been drinking for 10 years, ” Nairobi Senator Sakaja spoke to one of his friends who they had been arrested with.

Sakaja’s arrested attracted reactions from the social media as Kenyans condemned him for breaking the law that he is supposed to be at the fore-front protecting.
Law Society of Kenya President asserted, “A confirmation that even lawmakers know that this law bad.”

Kenyans came out guns blazing against the decision to release Sakaja on a 15,000 cash bail. Below are some of the reaction.

“Fined Ksh 15,000 while Alai was released on Ksh 50,000 bail. This is your kind of court @dkmaraga. You need to have an equal justice system for all or separate for each category of the society,” Robert Alai asserted.
“So poor kenyans have been bruttalised n killed by police yet they would haved jst paid 15k or do 3 months jail time sad indeed there is a father that will never go home to his child coz he was executed by kenyan police for flouting covid 19 laws,” Mwaniki Engineer said.
“Hahahaha jameni hii Sheria huwa unfair…. Ingekuwa “sisi” fine ya 100k then quarantine straight then you pay another bill ya 50k to be discharged from quarantino,” Albert said.

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