Kenyans React After Milly Wajesus Offered To Do This To Her Husband Kabi Wajesus


On Thursday morning, May 6, the Wajesus family came out to clear the air concerning allegations that have been going round on social media for quite some time.

Peter Kabi alias Kabi Wajesus posted on his Instagram page confirming paternity of a child he has been denying. He said that yesterday, DNA results were issued out and it turned out that he was the biological father of the child known as Abby.

He further said that he sired the child back in 2013, a time when he was not born again and married as well. He described the news as a shock to his fans.

He further said he had to be accountable for his actions and that he had asked for forgiveness from God, his family and now seeking forgiveness from his fans.

Earlier on, he shared a photo of himself, a lady identified as Shiko and the child Abby. He introduced them to the fans as his cousin (Shiko) and niece (Abby) whereby Shiko is the mother to Abby. At some point, earlier this year, he was accused of neglecting the child. So it’s now clear that Kabi Wajesus sired a child with his cousin.

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After confirming he is the biological father of the child, his wife Milly Wajesus has come out to defend him and promise him all the support he may need. Taking to her Instagram story, Milly Wajesus claimed that she understands that everyone has a past and at times the past can be so hard to understand.

She insisted that every child needs love and support from parents. On that note, she promised to support Kabi Wajesus in raising Abby and also integrating her into their family.

“As a mother, I will do all that is possible to assist my husband to support Abby, and to make sure that she becomes integrated into our family,” she wrote.


Kenyans expressed mixed reactions. Some of the reactions are as follows.


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