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Kenyans on Twitter React As Popular Actor converts To Buddhism

Boniface Juma




Netizens today reacted on a post from machachari actor Almasi, saying that he’s successfully converted from Christianity to Buddhism.

Accompanied to the post were some pictures of him attending a prayer session in Buddhist outfit which sparkled the Kenyans on Twitter.

Most people appeared to be dissatisfied with Almasi’s decision while others sided with him.

” If that’s your way to happiness, So be it. ” Some said while others heavily criticized him.

This is not the first time Almasi is subjected to online attacks. At some point he had pierced some parts of his body and it did not end quite well with him on the social media platforms.

However, he’s not the first artists to be attacked on social media after Bahati at one time appeared to be wearing a dress and with make up all over. He was criticized as well as people said that they need professional counselling for such explicit behaviours.

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