Kenyans Carefree Attitude Has The Corona Virus In An Overdrive Infection Gear

The Covid-19 pandemic is now pretty much well established in the Kenyan society today. With daily infection rates of 500  plus Kenyans, and of all ages and walks of life, and at least a single death if not two on a daily basis, Kenyans now have firmly in their midst one of the most deadliest viruses in modern history. A realization that is not only frightening, but also one that is meant to invoke a simple yet most important sense of personal responsibility and steadfastness among any living human being in Kenya today. But sadly that seems not to be the case any more, and slowly becoming a true recipe for the further spread of the virus.

A look at Kenyans way of life today paints a rather grim picture of a society that has placed its fate in the hands of a disease that cares not about life anymore. Kenyans have lowered their guard so much that not even a single infection prevention measure can be said to be fully being adhered to. Hand washing stations are no longer attracting huge numbers of people as they used to. Hand sanitizers have become fully packed at supermarkets and shops with very few buyers unlike be fire when the virus was getting into the country. Face masks are either totally not being worn, or not being worn in the recommended manner.

Social distancing protocols at market places, bus  terminals and in rural gatherings such as funerals have become a thing of the past. Lady Maureen’s recent burial ceremony in Nyanza region is enough proof of just how careless Kenyans have become. Pubs, Bars and entertainment lodges have crippled back into normalcy in city estates and towns outside Nairobi, increasing the chances of contracting the disease. Revellers and merry makers have gone back to their usual night party lives in total disregard to laid down infection prevention protocols.

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No one seems to care any more about the likelihood of contracting the disease. And with President Kenyatta having opened up the economy and eased most of the restrictions he had imposed earlier on, the personal responsibility thrown back to Kenyans has been long forgotten and set aside. Greedy bar owners, rude matatu touts, irresponsible revelers and our carefree Kenyan attitude have emerged as the weakest links in the fight against Covid-19. Just to what extent will this disease continue treating us abnormally, and until when?


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