Kenyan University To Conduct Graduation During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Photo: Students During Graduation

Not all people who begin a race finish successfully, the day a student was admitted in University is not as important as the graduation day.

Joy comes to a Farmer during the harvesting season, this is because it is the time when she gets to reap the benefits of her sweat.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us vital lessons, there are many aspects of technology that many people despised however at the moment we have no option but to apply them.

Umma University which is based in Kajiado county is set to carry out a virtual graduation ceremony today that shall be broadcasted on NTV , their You tube channel and other social media platforms.

“Finally the graduation day is upon us. Today, 443 students are going to be conferred degrees, diplomas and certificates. Join us live on YouTube and @ntvkenya from 10.30 a.m,” Umma University Public relations department asserted.
About 443 students are expected to graduate from different faculties and this will give them the power to pursue the career of choice.

“Congratulations to all the graduands @UmmaUniversity for your efforts, patience and dedication in reaching this golden milestone. The credential that @UmmaUniversity will confer on you tomorrow is power, which comes with responsibilities…use it to better yourself and humanity,” Hassan Abudllahi said.
The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. Congraduation to the 443 sudents pale @UmmaUniversity tomorrow. You can also catch them live on YouTube.

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