Kenyan Social Media Frenzy KOT 5 Aside Heads to Nakuru

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Past KOT 5 Aside winners. Photo courtesy.

Kenyans on Twitter soccer tournament dubbed KOT 5 Aside is heading to Nakuru. According to reports on Twitter on Friday March 5, the tournament will be taking place in the Rift Valley town.

Kenyans on Twitter expressed their excitement of visiting the town popularly known to them as Naxvegas. Pictures online showed buses and other means of transport heading towards the town.

Nakuru becomes the 2 location outside Nairobi that the tournament will be held. This is after a stint at the coast late last year.

The successful tournament had Chapa Dee team winning and getting awarded by betting company Odi Bets.

KOT 5 Aside started as a joke on twitter way back in 2018 with users on the platform suggesting a meet up. It was then decided that instead of just meeting up, a competition would be born out of it.

Soccer was the to go to sports and that is how twitter bigwigs at that time came up with KOT 5 Aside. The tournament was first held at Ligi Ndogo grounds along Ngong Road.

The tournament attracted amarture teams that came together not only to compete but also have a good time. The popularity of the event led to sponsors such as Odi Bets among others coming in to support.

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