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Kenyan Parents Left with Questions as Schools Resume



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Photo: School going children

Kenyan parents were on Monday January 4 left pertubed when schools resumed. The hustle and bustle of shopping and getting their children ready for school was this time round confusing.

The parents were left with more questions than answers especially after having most of their children at home for the better part of 2020. Schools closed in March of last year and reverting back to normalcy caused unnecessary drama on Monday morning.

First there was the fees conundrum that had most parents asking serious questions. Pictures then started spreading online showing learners under trees. This brought about even more questions.

Pupils in Mweiga Primary School in Nyeri learn under trees. Picture courtesy.

Some parents were left inquiring whether the fees would be the same for those learners who were learning under trees. They also wondered if there would be a difference in amount with those learning inside classrooms.

Other parents kept scratching their heads on how the whole social distancing nightmare would be handled. Would the students in class take turns with those outside? Would they get the same tests?

There was also the question of how the whole learning outside would be handled if the weather changed. Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha had stated that the weather in January did favor learning under trees but parents were still worried.

Other Kenyans, however, explained that learners in areas such as Turkana were used to taking their classes outside and that there was nothing to worry about.

“You can achieve social distancing in areas like Turkana because of less learners and bigger spaces, but the same is difficult in Western, Central and Rift Valley areas, ” Magoha had ealier noted.

Schools countrywide resumed learning on Monday and it is yet to be seen how the whole process unflods through the week.

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