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Kenyan Motorists to Dig Deeper into Pockets as Fuel Prices Rise

Edwine Agesa



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Kenyan motorists will be forced to chunk out more money as fuel prices increases. The new prices provided for by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) signified an increase in purchasing of the commodity.

Diesel is the most affected of all petroleum products as its new price per litre shot up by Ksh4.57.

Kerosene was also another product that changed prices. A litre will now retail for Ksh3.56 more.

Super Petrol was the least affected of the products as its price only increased slightly. It will now retail for only 17 cents more.

The new prices come as a surprise as the global oil product prices dwindle. The less usage of the products due to Covid19 restrictions has made prices to drop.

Kenyans, however, are yet to feel relief as inflation continues to rock them hard.

This increase in oil products prices will also catapult other services pricing. Food and other goods will also feel the pinch as the cost of transportation will increase.

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