Kenya Airways Under Fire for Leaving Passengers Stranded

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Kenya Airways plane. Photo courtesy.

National carrier Kenya Airways received backlash over an incident that happened in the USA. One user by the name Lanji Awori wrote on twitter that Kenyan passesngers had been left stranded since February 16.

Awori mentioned that KQ had failed to offer any solutions and had Kenyans stranded at JFK Airport in the USA since Sunday.

“Fly directly from Newyork with KQ at your own peril! Customer Service is non-existent, on day 3 arguing with a wall because there is no customer service,” Awori warned on Twitter.

He also noted that there were babies at the airport too with no form of accomodation. Awori also revealed that they could not switch flights.

Awori said that their Covid19 certificates had also expired which caused even more grief for them.

KQ on the other end tried to give a statement saying that the passengers had been accomodated much to the dismay of Awori.

The company also noted that the flight that was supposed to carry the 50 passengers but experienced a technical difficulties on February 16.

The snow storm in the USA also was one of the reasons listed to have caused the traveling schedule change.

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