Karen Nyamu Reveals Why She Can’t Stay Without Samidoh, Did He ‘Screw’ Her Good Or Hard?


Controversial city lawyer Karen Nyamu has lately puzzled kenyans with her latest moves, which have made her a topic of discussion on social media.

Picture: Karen Nyamu


Karen, a mother of 2, is a curvy beauty icon with romantic looks that every man may be dreaming of.

Picture: Karen Nyamu


Having sired her firstborn daughter with a renown Kenyan Dj Kelvin(less known to many), she recently birthed a second born with a renown kikuyu musician Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh.

Earlier on, according to Kenyanlife, Samidoh had claimed to be sharing less than friendship with Karen, something that turned out to be a white lie.

‘I am surprised by the whole story, they claim i even attended her baby shower na sikua hata Nairobi. I have not met her for 3 months after i cut ties with her since i realised our friendship would affect my family,’ Samidoh told Kenyanlife.

‘I have a wife and children and i do not intend to get another one with the current economy. I haven’t dated her, she is just my big fan for a long time, ” Samidoh added.

Picture: Samidoh and his first wife


Ironically, this has turned to be dramatic game, after Samidoh admitted responsibility of Karen’s second born, something that has ignited a big exchange between Karen Nyamu and Samidoh’s first wife.

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Further Karen claims to have made Samidoh’s wife famous, even after Samidoh apologising for sidelining his first family, whom he has grown with from scratch.

Formerly, Karen is thought of being in affairs with filthy rich men including Anthony Kungu of sportpesa, late city millionaire Jacob Juma, late Fidel Odinga and even William Ruto, something that made her to be known as a Gold digger.

Lately Karen has maintained to not leave Samidoh whatsoever, making Kenyans draw assumptions on Samidoh’s performance in love affair.

Picture: Karen Nyamu and Samidoh



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