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Kakamega Woman Beats Her Son To Death Over The Following Allegations

Dennis Avokoywa



Kakamega woman beats her son to death
A middle-aged woman in Navakholo, Kakamega county has been arrested by police officers in Navakholo police station for beating his 7-year-old son to death.
Irene khayasi, allegedly hit David Wafula on his head several times using a blunt object for failure to complete tasks that he had been ordered to do.
The deceased was to complete washing his clothes plus utensils before the return of his mother who was attending a funeral in the nearby village.
According to eyewitnesses, the suspect had been previously reported of harassing his son by repeatedly beating him while their efforts trying to warn her went in vain.
“It wasn’t the first time he was being beaten by the suspect. Earlier she broke his arm while beating him.”
“He was supposed to complete the cleaning work at home before the return of her mother.” Said one resident.
Confirming the incident, Shinoyi assistant chief Josphat Mutinye said the minor died when he was taken to hospital due to serious injuries on his head.
“She beat him until he fainted. I was informed of the incident through the locals. We made plans to rush her to the hospital but he was confirmed dead on our arrival.” Said Mutinye.
Mutinye also warned parents against using excessive force every time they correct their children, saying the suspect has been arrested and will be brought to justice.

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