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Kabi Wa Jesus In Trouble After Rejecting His Birthday Gift

Wendy Lessa



Kabi wa Jesus certainly does not know how many would kill to get what he has. In a world filled with broke slay queens pretending to have made it in life only for them to kula your fare, he is lucky to have a woman who can sacrifice to get him a German ride during his flashy birthday event. The least he could do was say thank you or better still told her what car he wanted on his birthday when Milly asked but did Kabi do that? No!


Earlier Milly reveled that she had asked Kabi if he preferred an Audi Q5 to an Audi A5 for his birthday and he chose an Audi A5 despite her warning him that the car cannot handle the poor roads in the country. So she went ahead and bought him the car but after a heated argument only for Kabi to reject it later saying he preferred the Audi Q5 and this made her wife mad which lead to an argument but still
organised a meeting with the car dealers to have the card exchanged.

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He later gave yet another shock after arriving at the meeting only to say that he has made up his mind to keep the Audi A5 and this made Milly so mad she could not help it but give him a piece of her mind which let to yet another fight.



Word on the streets is that Kabi might have returned his birthday gift to his wife but there has been no proof yet. I do not know about you but Kabi need to act like a grown ass man, apologize to his wife for giving her such a hard time because to be honest the gift was not a must and Kabi should stop behaving like he deserved the gift.

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