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Juja Parliamentary Aspirant Wanted Over Forgery Claims

Juja Parliamentary Aspirant Wanted Over Forgery Claims

THREE Checks OF Fabrication

Juja parliamentary seat applicant needed over fabrication in front of smaller than expected surveys

Advancements presently compromise odds of Koimburi of taking part in the by-political decision.


  •  A warrant of capture was given against George Koimburi of People groups Strengthening Gathering after he supposedly neglected to appear in court.
  •  As per court papers, he will be charged in court on April 26.
  • An up-and-comer in the impending Juja Voting demographic by-political decision is needed over cases of phony.


A warrant of capture was given against George Koimburi of People groups Strengthening Gathering after he supposedly neglected to appear in court.

The by-political decision is scheduled for May 18. This is after Juja inhabitants in Kiambu District lost their official Francis Munyua Waititu, famously known as Wakapee after a long fight with cerebrum disease.

Koimburi joins a considerable rundown of legislators battling counterfeit papers tag.

As per court papers, he will be charged in court on April 26.

The Official Instructing Station for Kiambu was requested by the Kiambu Court to capture and create Koimburi in court after he neglected to show up in court on April 14.

Koimburi is confronting three tallies of phony.

The main charge express that among November and December 1994 at an obscure time and spot inside the Republic of Kenya, with plan to beguile, he fashioned a Kenya Public Assessment Committee (KNEC) authentication indicating it to be a veritable and properly marked declaration gave by the gathering.

He was additionally denounced that between September 2011 and April 2012 with purpose to mislead, he manufactured a Jomo Kenyatta College of Horticulture and Innovation (JKUAT) testament of cooperation indicating to be a real and appropriately marked endorsement gave by the foundation.

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Further, he was charged that somewhere in the range of 2011 and 2012 fashioned a JKUAT scholastic greatness endorsement.

The advancements came after he introduced the papers to the Autonomous Electing and Limits Commission for freedom to run for the seat.

The DCI was associated with the test after it was educated some regarding the reports Koimburi submitted were manufactured.

The DCI record analyst too affirmed the archives were not veritable.

KNEC and JKUAT kept in touch with DCI educating them the introduced reports were not authentic.

An applicant by the name of Ndungu George Koimburi didn’t enlist nor sit for the year 1994 KCSE assessment at Ekalakala Auxiliary School under record 62001/013,” said some portion of a letter endorsed by KNEC acting President Leniency Karogo.

She said in the letter to the DCI dated April 12 the implied duplicate of the year 1994 KCSE assessment declaration introduced to KNEC for verification was not certifiable.

JKUAT enlistment center of scholastic issues Dr Esther Muoria said in a letter dated Walk 22, 2021, the reports introduced were not legitimate as there were no records showing Koimburi got the indicated declarations from the establishment.


The advancements presently undermine the odds of Koimburi taking an interest in the scaled down political race.

The constituent body may preclude him from the race.

Various government officials are dealing with indictments identified with the fabrication of scholastic archives.

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The DCI and Kenya Public Capabilities of Power have consented to cooperate in dealing with scholastic misrepresentation in the country.

KNQA unveiled that 33% of Kenyans have counterfeit scholastic records and consequently the need to make a move against such people.

In February 2021, KNQA executive Kilemi Mwiria, KNQA Chief General Juma Mukhwana and DCI Chief George Kinoti consented to shape a between organization group to deal with counterfeit endorsements in the country.

The group is relied upon to facilitate its work and net the presumes whom Mwiria said are utilizing the records for business.

Kinoti said the unique group that will work with KNQA is knowledgeable about managing scholarly extortion.

He said DCI has been managing the cases and it will be glad to collaborate with KNQA.

Mukhwana said the position needs arraignment power to manage Kenyans who present phony scholarly archives during acknowledgment and check.

The authority has effectively met with the Morals and Against Defilement Commission (EACC), the Autonomous Electing and Limits Commission (IEBC) and the Migration Administrations Office for association.

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