James Orengo’s Son Gets Admitted To The Bar

Photo: Senator Orengo With His Son Bob Orengo

The chief Justice of the republic of Kenya David Maraga preceeded over the ceremony that saw admission of 96 advocates, among them CS Amina Mohammed and Bob Orengo bringing the total to 198 new members who have joined the Bar.

Like father like son, what amazed many people is when James Orengo’s name appeared for the right reason. James Orengo’s Son Bob Orengo got admitted to the bar .James Orengo remarked,” My boy.  Aproud and consequential moment!”

Bob Orengo successfully joined the league of renowned lawyers as he will be serving as an Advocate in the Judiciary of Kenya.Kenyans went on twitter to congratulate Bob Orengo for fitting into his father’s shoes.

“My pals @orengo_james @bettymurungi …. many congratulations for your boy joining the bar. He has big shoes to fill from both of you,”Tony Gachoka tweeted.
“Congratulations & kudos to Orengo jnr. Cheers. Well done my brother comrade JAO and my sister comrade Betty. Deservedly, God’s love and reward. Psalms 127:3-5. Inshalla, “Kabando Wa Kabando Congratulated Bob.

“Congratulations @Boborengo on your admission to the Bar! @orengo_james @ohayojames @RosejoyMuchiri @DeeMboriNgacha @LilianOhayo All glory to God,”Kaari Murungi asserted
“When he joined politics and Law, he didn’t notify or request you. When his time to leave the political and law scene will come,he’ll also not notify you. Lanes!”.Audrin Ouma said.


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