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Jalang’o Reveals Why He Keeps Her Daughter Away From Social Media

Wendy Lessa



Jalang’o is among the few celebrities who prefer keeping his family life a secret. He has actually been married to his wife for fifteen years despite the fact that people think the two are newly weds. Well if you are waiting to see signs of a baby bump from his wife sorry to burst you bubble but Jalang’o’s wife gave birth a long time ago but kept it all on the down low and the only place you’ll publicly hear him talk about his daughter is on the radio because the last time he posted his daughter he ended up regretting.


He listed out the reasons why he does not post her daughter saying he is not sure if her daughter would like that since she is still too young to understand and make her own decisions and does not know how that will affect him in the future. Two, he likes it that way especially in Kenya where we make other people’s business out business and troll for no reason. He also does not want her daughter to be treated different in school or any other place because she is Jalang’o’s daughter.

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Well he made a wise decision there and I believe he will not regret it. On his wife’s side he only post her during special occasions like birthday and we all witnessed it when she turned a year older days ago where he wrote a beautiful message praising and appreciating her for the support. The two are a perfect definition of couple goals whether they post about it or not and other celebrity couple’s should learn from them to avoid unnecessary scandals.

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