iPhone 11 was the most Shipped phone of 2020

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IPhone 11 models. Photo courtesy.

Apple released a report saying that it’s 2019 phone was the most shipped phone of 2020. According to a Market Research on Wednesday February 24, iPhone 11 was the most shipped phone last year.

The series, which came out in 2019 had more than 64.8 million units shipped out to be sold. The selling price was at $699 but had to climb to $754 due to demand.

iPhone SE was also considerably shipped with more than 24.2 million units sent out. Both phones came out in 2019.

Samsung and Xiaomi were the only other phone companies that were on the top 10 list of most shipped out models.

Apple led the list with 5 phone models taking the first 5 positions. Samsung had 4 phone models on the list while Xiaomi took the last remaining spot.

Samsung Galaxy A series was the most shipped phone from the company selling close to 23.2 million units.

Xiaomi Red was the most sold phone from its mother company.

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