Internet Erupts After An Attack On Barack Obama Backfired

Photo: Former United States of America President Obama

Barack Obama’s step brother Malik landed himself in a hot frying pan after he posted details concerning the birth of the place of the former America president .
Social media users ganged up against Obama’s brother as the blasted him for being jealous about his brother’s success and his fame.
The document that Malik posted alleged that Barrack was born in Kenya contrary to the fact that he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States.

Photo: Barack Obama (left) with Malik Obama (right)

However, the errors on certificate made many people to question its legitimacy, for instance it read “Coast Province, Republic of Kenya,” whereas the country not being a republic back in 1961 when Barrack was born.
“Do you realise that you are only relevant because @BarackObama became the president of US? In fact, that is the only reason why anyone knows you,” Mwalimu Dida Posted.

Former presidential aspirant Mwalimu Dida revealed that if Obama could not have been the president of America then Malik could have remained relevant.
Auma Obama tweeted,”So blindly consumed by #jealousy and #bitterness that you will go to any length to slander your younger brother’s name – literally! Just because he has outshone you in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of his life. Seek relevance elsewhere big brother!”
Dr Miguna said, “Chief: Let your brother live in peace. Stop helping @realDonaldTrump – a white supremacist – smear your brother in the mud.”


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