I’m done with Rich Men, Says Vera Sidika


Kenyan top female socialite, Vera Sidika says she’s done dating rich men. Responding to a Q and A session with her fans on social Media.

She said this defending her current lover, Brown Mauzo, a popular Bongo musician from the coastal Region.

Giving her experience on dating Millionaires and Billionaires at some point in her life. The Celebrity says that she can never go back to such relationship in which she termed them as toxic.

She compared dating rich men to life in prison where one lacks freedom from friends and social media accounts. She added that the experience is that of being owned by your partner and all he can offer are material things, Your spouse only thinks that money is the solution to everything and does not care of your emotional State.

Responding to a fan on why she settled for less in Brown Mauzo, She said that richness does not necessarily define your relationship, the key to that is happiness and freedom.

Brown Mauzo is the second Kenyan artist to date Vera Sidika after fellow Bongo Star Otile Brown with whom they separated some years back.


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