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I Prepared My Heart For You But You Went For My Lungs

Clinton Mwenje



Maybe he’s your world now. He’s your new home and that you shoved all our memories away to make room for the new ones with him. You had the guts to burry all our happy moments and set aside the pain in my heart. You stepped out from my lines and drew another one with him to remind me that I am no longer welcomed.
I must admit that it hurts because for so many years, you used to protect me from the world, and now, you started to make me feel that you are now protecting him away from me. Like I was a bad thing that you wanted to get rid of.
I still don’t get it, even after all these times.
Even after all my friends expected me to forgive and forget, then move on. I still don’t get how easy it was for you to leave the years that we spent with each other. I had you first. I still had you when he finally made his way into our lives.
I still don’t understand why you allowed him to take you away from me. Maybe because the day you left, you never gave me answers. You never cleared the smoke. You never gave me respect. And I was gasping for air, searching for signs. Maybe I can’t please love to stay when it’s already halfway out the door. And the day you left me, I watched love leave me every night.
You broke my heart before you ever let me touch yours. But when it heals, it still beats for you.
Love, I prepared my heart for you but you went for my lungs…

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