Huge Win For Hustlers, Ruto Strikes Uhuru Like Lightening


The new constitution offers legal protection to deputy president’s compared to old one where the vice president’s were direct appointees of their boss.

Ruto who is the first to enjoy the privilege of being second in command under the new constitution seems to followed by curse of betrayal.

Since Independence the vice presidents have been removed from office by their bosses and Suffered abandonment.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s recent utterance which targeted the DP, where he asked him to choose whether he should remain in government or leave stired Ruto’s fury.

Deputy president Dr William Ruto chose not to attack Uhuru directly but to instead support him Publicly and fight him using his allies.

Ruto is a very hard man to decide, his messages are not direct and at times he uses proverbs to pass his message.

While addressing Mourners in Uasin Gishu County yesterday at the burial of William Kurgat who was a prominent Anglican Church elder, Ruto said he will stay in the kitchen which implies that won’t move out of government.

DP asserted that in the kitchen there are many challenges like choking smoke, fiery fire amidst profuse sweat, but that doesn’t prevent a person from cooking.
He distanced himself from the building bridges initiative report and has vowed to continue with the hustlers empowerment initiatives.

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