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How Uhuru Tricked Raila Before Ruto’s Eyes



Photo: President Uhuru kenyatta with Deputy President Dr William Ruto

President Uhuru’s address to the nation yesterday sparked reactions amongst Kenyans and politicians who followed the address keenly.

Uhuru Kenyatta in his speech spoke on the building bridges initiative where he urged Kenyans to engage in positive discourse (on BBI) with a view to effecting far-reaching changes to that will address the perennial challenges we have faced as a Nation – Negative Ethnicity; inclusion; equitable development and our fight against corruption.

” Every Journey starts with a single step, taken in faith, at times against all odds. That journey has commenced with the release of the Building Bridges Initiatives Report,” President Kenyatta remarked.

Citizen TV held an interview with various leaders to get their insights on Uhuru’s address to the nation yesterday.
Raila’s ally Antony Oluoch revealed that the referendum is meant to be voted for like any other bill in Parliament.

“The BBI was meant to be the silver bullet. We have talked enough and we now need to go the next level. If Kenyans don’t agree with it, we move on,” Oluoch revealed.

Photo: Nandi Senator Samson Charargei

On the other hand Ruto’s ally Samson Cherargei who is serving as the Nandi senator remarked that he believes that Uhuru brought about BBI in state of Nation address to make Raila to feel happy but it is not the solution is Kenyans problems.

Samson Cherargei said, ” It is a pure lie to tell Kenyans that the BBI is the solution to their problems. The President brought up the BBI issue (in his State address) to massage people like the ODM leader & make them feel happy.”

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