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How to Successfully Move Your Relationship from the DMs to Real Life

Edwine Agesa



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You have probably  heard of the famous “It goes down in the DM ” song by American rapper Yo Gotti. This is the to go to song by couples who met each other via social media.

Most social media relationships fail these days because most people don’t know how to manouver out of the Direct Message (DM). They lack the skill to confidently continue the conversation outside social media.

A social media relationship can be complex but it takes courage just like any other thing. Your willingness to push for more is the first tip to grow the relationship outside mobile applications.

Ask for more information like a contact. That is the first step towards developing a bond. Get to know the person more through understanding them via calls and texts.

Texts are never enough and as a generation, we are failing. Calling is actually way better than texting. Hearing each others voice can boost your knowledge of who you are talking to.

Getting out of the DMs also involves starting to open up. Being real can be scary and we put so many personalities on social media to hide it. Life outside the DM is basically like stripping naked, so as to be seen clearly.

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Conversation is key. Keep it moving. Maintain it. Spice it up. The current generation gets bored way too fast. Consistency is very important especially when you want someone new to get used to you.

Lastly, make sure you do a little background check. Social media is a tough place to find love and we have seen more sad stories compared to the minimum fairytales.

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