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How To Know A Woman Loves You Secretly

Lamech Bwabi



Some men find themselves in a stalemate not being sure whether a certain lady they desire likes them or not. The suspicion stresses them especially when they see the woman with another man even if it is her brother. When a woman likes you, they don’t know how to hide. They just send signals that gives you the evidence they are into you and you just have to pick from where you want.
Here are the signs that a woman who likes you will send.
Looks for you
It is a rare talent finding a woman looking for a man and with no reasons. Some of those who will look for them are after something and is not just for pleasure.  If you get information that she is looking for you and you are quite sure that you don’t owe them a debt, them they are ready and into you.
Calls you with their own credit
It is always expected that a man is to call a woman. It is believed that when in need they should just send a please call me. These shows that a woman needs not a man and only men will need a woman which is false. If she calls you with her own credit and you make stories, they are simply meaning that you have them and wants to be close to you.
Quickly respond to your messages
Have you ever come through a situation where one is online and sends a text to a girl who is also online but it will be responded to the next day or late night? Some even get blue ticks and the worst is gray tick’s. She is not interested in you. The one who wastes no time while talking to you has already developed interest and like you.
Sends you surprises
Happens in rare cases to those still courting. For the married ones it is understood they now have to satisfy and please each other. Surprises come in many ways in a relationship. It can be through a late night call, or a special text. It only not has to be material thing. If they do such, then they love you and you should have no worries about your love.
Invites you to her place
The ever greatest news to a man in a relationship is a woman inviting them to their place. They feel like they have just won the jackpot. In most cases they are the ones who make request ms to be visited. When she invites you, it is a surprise and they are up to good things with you. This is the right woman for you and you should make your proposal earlier.
Laughs at your jokes
Have you ever cracked a home and nobody laughed at it? I guess it really hurts and embarrasses. If she enjoys your joke even if they are not funny, she is sensing the signal. They would like to be close to you.

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