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How To Drive A Man Crazy In Love

Clinton Mwenje



You need to understand that loving a man is not easy. I’m not saying that you need to please them in order to get them or make them stay with us. But you might consider some tips:

First of all, try to understand him. Study their attitudes and personality. There will be times when they want to be alone or they want some time for themselves. If they ask for it, give it to them. My partner always says that even though I don’t have a pretty face or the perfect body, he is still grateful that he met me. That I am different among his exes. Not for the fact that I am ugly, no, scratch that, let’s use the term ”less pretty”, but because I always try to understand him, give him time for himself, let him hang out with his friends.

Well, if he cheats, that’s his problem and not mine. After a hangout or after he already spent some time with his friends, he comes home saying ”This is the best day ever! Thank you!”. See? That’s it. And I can make time for myself too because he won’t be around bugging me about some stuff.

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Second, love him with his flaws. Nobody is perfect. And with that, I say, he is not perfect. He will never be. So, if you cannot accept that, the problem is in you. You need to ask yourself ”why?”. Sometimes men can be irritating or demanding. There will be times when they show their bad sides to us.

Learn to accept that and learn to live with that. It is not always about you. Think about it. Sometimes we have to sacrifice our pride and let our guard down. That’s love. That’s normal. If you choose your ego over him, maybe he’s not for you. Let go. If he’s too much, let go. Give yourself a little respect.

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