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How The Government Is Strengthening Ruto’s Bid

Lamech Bwabi



Kenyans are eager for 2022 as the country will be constitutionally be involved in general elections electing new leaders to serve for five years. The current president, Uhuru Kenyatta is two years away from completing his two term rule each of five years and is expected to handover to the man who will get most votes. ODM leader Falla Odinga has for many times tried but ended up being defeated and from the onset of things, he will be competing favorably with deputy president William Ruto.
Ru to has for so many days been dominating the headlines with his strategies as he seek to win the support of most Kenyans.He has been hosting delegates and also moving to churches where he has been donating funds and also empowering the youth and women with donations like wheelbarrows and boda boda’s.Some of his recent yours have been disrupted by law enforcers after violence was witnessed in Muranga, Kenol where two people lost their lives.The government’s acts prove to be of benefit to Ruto rather than outdoing him.
Making him famous
From Sentiments and even comments of some political analysts, Ruto has gained fame from his meetings and that some government agencies have been targeting his allies and supporters. Information being passed through the media has been revolving about the deputy president with his supporters being teargassed or chased.
Some of his allies have been expressing their dissatisfaction with how the do is treated and thus thought to be a threat to Raila who seems to be targeting to use the handshake to strengthen his bid. By constantly launching attacks on his side, he is gaining fame.
Giving him sympathy votes
It is obvious that from the human perspective, some people even if they don’t like someone, upon seeing how he is treated, they might be convinced to back him up.The dp has been going through difficult time as his plans are disrupted and despite being the second powerful man in command, he appears to be like an outsider in the government and even the ruling party. Ruto has been rallying campaigns of empowerment with his hustler movement and that now people see how he is determined to raise their standards, they choose to back him up.
The rift between the dp and the president proves that he is not supported and that disrupting his plans might be a government plans.

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