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How Standard Newspaper Mocks TSC Teachers That Has Arose Chaos

How Standard Newspaper Mocks TSC Teachers That Has Arose Chaos

The standard Newspaper is now under fire for mocking teachers amidst covid-19. The news pinned by standard news paper claims TSC teachers are getting their Salary despite of being idle. This is after teachers service commission affirms that it will not penalize teachers by cutting off their salary for the problem they did not create themselves.

This comes after the government shut up all Educational institutions in a bold bid to curb the spread of covid-19. All students and teachers were forced to curtail learning process and went back home for their Safety. However, claims has emerged that teacher are being paid without service delivery an allegation teachers service commission has dismissed by the matter of the fact that teachers were accidentally found in the situation as they did not create themselves thus their salary should not be interfered till the solution has been found.

However, netizens have stood up to support teachers over the claims by standard Newspaper, condeming standard to respect teachers being the most significant individuals. Standard media House has been Futher Accused for writing disrespect news upon teachers.

mkuu wa jeshi, @TheDuke_017 “Primitivity and idleness within the houses that should be fighting for every employees rights here they are telling us teachers are idle . So did they expect teachers to join police officers to enforce curfew ? Nonsense . They should apologize #ResistStandardnewspaper.”

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EmotionlessSmirking face, @taxiido, “Teacher’s already earn less than they really should and you people think that they should be punished for a pandemic they didn’t create? If you support this headline then you really need to check & evaluate yourselfClown face #ResistStandardnewspaper.”

Marion Ngoya, @MarionNgoya, “How low can you go to disrespect the very teachers who saw you through school and made you who you are now?

Osugo Bryan, @sirRyan254, “How can the standard news paper disrespect teachers in this manner #resiststandardnewspaper.”

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