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How Ruto Is Betraying Kalenjins Emerges Chaos

Daniel Mutuva



Diverse details has emerged on the claim how the deputy President William Ruto is betraying his fellow Kalenjins. DP Ruto has been Accused for being linked to diverse corruption scandals even that which exploits his Fellow Kalenjin.One of the remarkable corruption scandal that Agitates Kalenjin is the scandle of Ruto being Accused of stealing money meant for construction of Kimwarer and arror dam.

The dam was meant for William Ruto’s people where he was admitted to have stolen 7 billion for the project.Details has ultimately arose that Gideon Moi should be the kingpin of Kalenjins and not DP Ruto on the claims of being in power and instead of assisting his own people he’s thus stealing from them an action that has termed as a betrayal. Here are the Reactions;

PHOTO: Baringo Senator Gideon Moi

Rosemary Blue heart, @DianahAkumu, “#RutoBetraysKalenjins If ruto the self proclaimed hustler could steal 350 million in 1999 what of when he becomes president.”

Kenya’s Finest @ThedeepStateKE, “Ruto failed to protect his people from Mau eviction like he did when he was outside government. He uses Kalenjins as voting machines. Kalenjins have not benefitted from his position as deputy president only central Kenya where you does Harambees every week. #RutoBetraysKalenjins.”

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elvin, @kevolitoKE, “The kalenjin community supported the Dp 100% This guy promised them protection but now he is missing in action and those who voted h in are suffering #RutoBetraysKalenjins.”

Josephine Waithiru, @JosephineWait15, “Isn’t this mocking us guys who wake up early to go hustle and live from hand to mouth.A billionaire with choppers and lives large that’s laughing at fellow hustlers don’t be fooled.#RutoBetraysKalenjins.”

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