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How Raila Will Defeat Ruto Effortlessly

Lamech Bwabi



Campaigns are already on the way and the 2022 general Elections are gaining momentum. Deputy president William Ruto has continued to dominate headlines daily as he moves from one place to another and the hustlers movement. Despite many aspirants making their bids known, Euro is expected to face Raila for the presidential seat and even his sentiments in his meetings show that he is targeting to defeat Raila.
Ruto has been moving with delegates where they meet citizens on the grassroots and sell their agenda.He has said that he rose from a nobody and that he knows what local mwananchi goes through.In his tours, the door has been donating equipments like wheelbarrows and boda boda that have been heavily criticised by the opposition leader.According to Raila, Ruto is using money he obtained through injustice means.
Handshake movement
As things move on, it seems that Ruto is taking control of most campaigns in that recently there was violence at Keno that targeted to disrupt his tour. The door moved to an extend of meeting with some mp’s and leaders on his side at Jubilee center laying plans ahead of the next elections.This led to the party’s secretary general Raphael Tuju threaten to strip him the position of deputy party leader.
Leaders in support of president Kenyatta led by Maina Kamanda have claimed to use the handshake movement to support his agenda.This seems to be the only way Raila can use to strengthen his campaign and win the support of his excellency the president. As things have been shaped from Euro and his allies deeds, it seems like they are not relying on president Kenyatta and are on their own way to Canan. This might make the president consider to reveal the gap between them and supporting another candidate.
The building bridges initiative is on the way and is about to be released.Ruto and some of his allies threatened to oppose it in the case that it aims at benefiting some individuals. For Raila, getting the support of Kenyatta in 2022 will be a big win for the president has also a massive support and his direction might change people’s view ahead of the elections.
Jubilee deputy vice chair David Murathe already endorsed the former prime minister and with the BBI he has attained some support from the Mt Kenya region led by Governor Waiguru.

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