How Raila Odinga’s Younger Son Undergoes Difficult Times Since 1985 That Might Let Your Tears Flowing

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Despite of being the son to the prominent politician in Kenya and the former Kenya’s Prime Minister, Raila Odinga Junior is an unlucky man indeed. Reports ascertains that he’s the younger son of the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. Raila Odinga Junior has been growing up undergoing difficult moments. His family has been trying thier best to raise up since he developed a critical health condition since childhood.

Photo:Raila Odinga Junior (left) with his father Raila Odinga (Right)

It’s reportedly that Raila Odinga Junior suffered from Noncancerous brain tumor that led to the alteration of his Nerve system. Odinga Junior has been Undergoing this health condition since 1985 as reports affirms. However, further reports indicates that he had rushed to Diverse medical facilities for medical attention but the effort wasn’t successful.
Raila Odinga Junior has been suffering for long time throughout his lifetime but amazingly is that he can be able to work despite of his condition. He’s married to his beautiful wife Wambui who is taking care of him as a responsible mother as reports confirms. Raila Odinga Juniors owns a production company that enables him financial him to sustain his family.

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PHOTO: Raila Odinga Junior with his wife Wambui

Additionally, ODM boss’s son is humble, hard-working and determined man as per reports. He’s not so much interested in politics but at times he had been seen involving in political arena. His eldest brother Fidel Odinga succumbed and he’s the only son left in Raila Odinga’s family. He has his two beautiful Sister, Rosemary Odinga and Winnie Odinga.

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