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How Raila Odinga Is Haunted By His Father’s Political ‘Curse’

Lamech Bwabi



Ruto has not had easy getting in power and being in power.The change of events in his political journey is not different from that of Kenya’s first vice president Jaramogi Oginga Odinga.Jaramogi was offered a chance by the British to become Kenya’s first prime minister but he declined stating that until Mzee Jomo and the rest be released from Kapenguria where they were kept in prison.
His persistence and pressure to the British led to the release of Mzee who became the president and Oginga his vice.Jaramogi desired to rule as president and wanted Kenyatta to back him after he retires.

It was unfortunate that the two disagreed and Oginga had to resign and form his own political party that became the opposition.
Oginga had a rough time in his party for Kenyatta was after him.His moves were blocked and in one of the rallies in Kisumu, Mzee issued a warning to him.He moved to another party and when it was thought he was becoming a threat, then multipartism was banned.The country remain with a single party that was the ruling KANU.
The signs were already clear that Kenyatta was not in good terms with Oginga.At these time Mboya and J.M Kariuki who were influential were assassinated.When Mzee died, Moi was his vice.Oginga tried to change things not to allow the vice president to become president after the death of head of state but he failed.
By the help of religious leaders and former attorney general, Charles Njinjo, Moi became president.It is no different from what the dp is going through at the moment.In 2013 when they formed a coalition in the name UhuRuto, William was an important factor in voting.His massive influence in the former Rift valley province gave them votes that took them in power.
In 2017 it was same.

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Things have been going astray as his allies have been targeted in parliamentary changes and top committee roles.His roles have however been reduced and forced to act like an outsider in the government he is seconfmd in power.

Pressure has been mounted on the dp to form his own party after the events transpired.After the handshake, Raila has been close to the president than Ruto.It was even alleged at one point that there was a motion to impeach him.The president’s promise to back him when his term ends now remains a thing of the last for he said he has no preferred candidate.
The BBI according to team Tangatanga is aimed at creating positions for Uhuru and Raila who are accused of being reluctant to let power go.Ruto has been opposing it and 2022 will have a new face for Uhuru will not back him(Ruto).

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