How Many Students Have Been Deviating Morally At Home Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

PHOTO: High school students arrested by police for misbehaving

In response to a comprehensive study conducted recently, many students have deviated from the Ethics at Home after schools were closed to combat the spread of Covid-19. Recently, the government shut down all educational institutions due to Coronavirus pandemic that has affected many countries in the world. Students were forced to interrupt their studies and return home.

According to reports, many students spend most of their time roaming the streets without any constructive work. Government asserted that all students in Kenya will get learning directly through media. In addition, many of them associate themselves with negative issues in society. Many of them are involved in alcoholism, drunkenness, drug abuse and so on. Further Information indicates that ladies are at risk. Some of them have been impregnated according to the reports.

PHOTO: Students girls arrested after found drunk 

The government has been asked to address this issue by raising barriers in partnership with chiefs and other leaders in the village to ensure that this issue is resolved. According to the study, most of the students are involved in these issues without any special consideration. We need to join together to end this emerging trait among students in the community in this covid-19 Period. They are the next generation and need to be cared for.

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