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How Gender-Based Violence Should Be Stopped; Details Aired Out

Purity Kinuthia



After the implementation of the dusk to dawn curfew and closure of schools as a measure to control covid-19 spread, there has been a significant spike in sexual offences, including domestic violence, in many parts of the country. Cases of Gender-based violence by 33.75.

  X- Rated content being aired on social media platforms are among the causes of increased defilement cases. Worse of all is the explicit content that promotes a pedophilic culture encroaching in people’s minds.

Longer hours spent indoors have exposed young girls, boys, and the vulnerable in society to both physical and sexual violence. Control of what gets on social media should be paramount to protect the vulnerable in society.

There is a need for victims to speak out and seek justice. Hiding in shame would only lead to their suffering as the felons will be roaming free and may continue doing them harm.

Gatekeeping what is aired and remains on social media platform done by the Kenya Classification board should be more assertive to protect children from harm that comes their way after roguish adults view lewd content, more so now that resuming school has been pushed to 2021.

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These offenders have no place in society and should be locked behind bars for taking advantage of the defenceless. Kenyans should use the Gender-based violence hotline 1196 to report any violation on them or report to a nearby police station.

As for the unscrupulous Kenyans producing lecherous content, they should be charged under the film and stage play Act cap 222.No one is above the law, let the law offender faces the wrath of the law.

Let us protect our youth and vulnerable in the society from sexual predators amid this pandemic. Say no to sexual violence by reporting the case, to put away these criminals and keep the girl child safe.

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