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How DP Ruto Is Violating Covid-19 Containment Measures; Details Emerges

Daniel Mutuva



Details has emerged accusing DP William Ruto for spreading covid-19 in the country through violation of containment measures even as the pandemic intensfy.After the entrance of covid-19 virus in Kenya, the government took a bold steep of advising all the employees to work from home as a bid to contain the disease.

Only employees offering essential service were allowed to work in the Offices. However, DP Ruto has been Accused for allowing diverse guests to gain access into his office, contrary to president Uhuru’s measure of containing the deadly virus.
DP William Ruto was spotted hugging little girl who come from Mombasa to present a poem. As per the covid-19 containment measures, hugging was prohibited as it facilities for the spread of the virus due to direct contact.

PHOTO: DP Ruto Hagging a little girl

According to the report by Unreported Ke in social media, accused William Ruto for hugging the little girl as the covid-19 pandemic goes viral.

Parliament building put on partial lockdown. Employees ordered to work from home , committee meetings suspended and MP Offices closed. Committees have been urged to embrace virtual meetings.In other news, Kenyans go wild on social media after photos of deputy President hugging a small girl amidst the pandemic goes viral, Unreported Ke posted

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