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Hot Wilbroda’s Photos You Must See

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Wilbroda is arguably the funniest actress that Citizen Television has had since when it was formed by Macharia. Wilbroda used to act as the wife to Papa Shirandula’s in the popular TV show that is aired on Citizen every Thursday.

Jack Nyaminde rose from grass to fame within a very short span of time. She joined the Papa Shirandula television program in the year 2007 after she showcased brilliant performance in their audition.

The actress’s passion in drama started at Koru girls high school where she performed in Luo drama narrations. She worked with Awinja and Njoroge to produce an excellent program that is loved by many.

Wilbroda Nyaminde went on to be employed as a Citizen Radio breakfast show radio presenter where they worked with Inspecta Mwala. This won Nyaminde fame amongst many people who listen to the radio program. Nyaminde is famous for her luo ancient and broken Kiswahili whenever she communicates.

She is currently working at Milele FM as a cohost with Lucivyva. Wilbroda will not be forgotten by many people for her rib cracking jokes and drama. One time she ate food while people were still praying.

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