Hot! EPL Teams That Will Not Finish In Top Four


The English premier league is almost finished with only four matches to go.The new calendar after covid 19 ruined the whole world’s activities has brought disappointing and exciting results at the same time.Liverpool fc had already won the league before the break having scooped many points in their matches and were sailing on their own level.

The top four race has always been tight with each team struggling to make it to the UEFA Champions League.Leicester, Chelsea, Manchester United,Manchester City, Arsenal, Wolves, Tottenham and Sheffield United are all concentrating to finish in the top.Unfortunately, not all teams will qualify and here are some of the big teams that won’t make it.


They are already in the top four but after the remaining fixtures, they will not be there. Lampard has had an exciting season with the blues but still faces defending challenges and goalkeeping.Manchester United is back on form and shows no sign to lose any match.Chelsea remaining fixtures against the likes of Sheffield and wolves will determine their position. Chances of winning are slightly lower.


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Since Arsene Wenger hanged boots, Arsenal has found it hard finishing at the top four which was usual during Wenger’s era.The North London giants has dropped points with managerial changes affecting the team’s performance and also it’s stars hesitating to extend their contracts.For them to qualify, Chelsea and Leicester has to lose all it’s matches.


It has been a disappointing season for spurs especially after reaching the Champions League final in the previous season.They sacked Poch and Morinho is still struggling to get the team perform.Recent humiliation by Sheffield buried their hopes of qualifying to the top four.


They have had interesting seasons since they were promoted.Finishing in the top ten has made Wolves fearless and threatening taking maximum points from former epl giants like Manchester United and Arsenal.The teams above it have to lose almost two matches for them to qualify which is difficult as the league approaches the end.

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