Here’s How To Boost The Sperm Count And Mobility In Men


Either your degrading health, changed lifestyle, pollution, or contamination in everything, whatever you blame it for but the reality is you have to raise your sperm count if you want to hear the laughter’s of a baby in your house, boost your sperm count and that you achieve by following these simple techniques:

Avoid Defects

Do you think, sperms are something that you have seen in videos or pictures or in ‘3 Idiots’… A BIG NO. They are actually not well shaped, in fact, 90 plus percent of the average person’s sperms may be too deformed to fertilize the egg. Excess free radicals may be behind it. So, concentrate on the diet that is rich in the antioxidant lycopene.


Regarding this, a new research has revealed that if you exercise per week, your sperm count would be in millions because an average ejaculation can have about 15 to 150 million sperm. To reach this level, you need to sweat out besides your bedroom.

Put Down Your Phone

Your sperm takes about 12 to 14 hours because that’s the window in which the egg remains viable. Their success to hit the egg, your habit to keep your phone around make them succumb. A study done by the Cleveland Clinic study has revealed that those who use the phone constantly, struggle for sperm mobility due to the phone’s electromagnetic waves.

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