Here Are The Best Online Writing Platforms That Earns The Best Living As Covid-19 Intensfy

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Even as covid-19 pandemic intensify across the world, the cost of living has also become tough as the world’s economy deteriorates. Many people have loosed their job now at home jobless as the pandemic intensfy across many countries in the world.

However, even as the pandemic hits and economy paralyzed, people have now identified the better and best way of easily earning a living at home. Online job has became the best Selection to many interested. It has changed lives of majority involving in this online job as reports ascertains.

When i talk of online job, think of online writing, the bold selection to many. We have diverse online writing platforms where one can write an article, get published and received payment at the end of the month. This is not a difficult task,it’s actually apart time job as you engage on with other activities.

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Some of this famous online Writing platforms include, Opera News Hub, State Update News Mtaani, Scooper and others. In Opera news hub, you write an article, get published and get paid between the days of the next Month on the basis of the clicks you have achieved at the end of the month.
State Updates News is one of the best news company that cater for the local writers in the society. The site link is, They have a new program called state Update News Mtaani.

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Here you send your article, get published and get paid at the end of the month depending the number of clicks and impression you have achieved. To regester as a local writer in this platform, you email your details via
The other social media writing platform is scooper. At Scooper you submit articles of diverse Cartegories, get published and paid between the days of the next month. All the news reflects their Application known as scooper app.

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